Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Little Star!

Was feeling a bit domesticated tonight so after making a shrimp with garlic and white wine pasta by Emeril Lagasse for my hubby (which turned out so delish and it was pretty easy!), I decided to bake.  And while I love all foods, my sweet tooth is the queen of my mouth domain so I get pretty excited when it’s dessert time.  And what better dessert than a cupcake?!  In the modern war of gourmet cupcakes, my loyalty still stands with Sprinkles.  They were one of the early pioneers (deservingly the self-proclaimed “original cupcake bakery”), their branding is classy and whimsical, their storefronts are adorable and most importantly, their cupcakes are amazing.  And lucky for me, I had bought a can of the Sprinkles spiced pumpkin cupcake mix from Williams Sonoma a while ago so we were going to end this hump day with a bang…and a cupcake.  And how cool that you can buy the mix and [very easily] bake them yourself and look like a total rock star baker?!  Check out how they turned out!  YUM.



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