Weight, the Scale Says WHAT?!

Summer is an amazing time of year.   The sun wakes us up in the morning, kids are outside playing, people are more active, dining al fresco is the norm, Skinny Girl Magarita’s at noon is acceptable and the social life of many is taken to a new level.  Women have prepped for the summer bikini season doing P90X or Crossfit on North Avenue beach at 6am.  Some dudes ride their bikes casually along the lake in their Speedo’s (hey, to each their own).  It’s just an amazing time of year with energy, laughter and hospitality explosion.  My summer started with training for my first 10 mile race which was a success and kicked off Memorial Day Weekend healthy, confident and ready to embrace the [dreaded] bikini head on.  Three months later (after drinking Skinny Girl Magarita’s al fresco), on Friday, August 19 at 10:13am, I had the grandiose idea of stepping on my scale.  It couldn’t be tha…OH MY GOSH!   I jumped off the scale, terrified as if I had just seen a cockroach.  And then I thought, “oh it was an error…I hadn’t stepped on it for a couple of months so it probably just needed to adjust and get warmed up…”  Let me try it again.  I slowly placed my left foot, then my right and weighed in (buck naked, mind you) for the second time.  FRICK.  It’s not lying.  It’s a digital scale.

I guess for me, summer actually meant [a little too much] dining al fresco, cheeses (ahh, I love cheese so much), french fries from the French Market, sauvignon blanc and my daily handful of dark chocolate peanut M&M’s.  Come on, you have to enjoy life, right?  Okay, maybe not as much as I did this summer.  And now, I have a choice.  GAME ON! The self-proclaimed 8 pound weight loss challenge is on, officially as of Monday, August 22.  Get excited for this journey, it’s going to be a fun one and one that I will not hold anything back, admit to my french fry cheating’s (in journalism this is called foreshadowing) and track my weight loss through this blog.  How’s that for accountability?

On a lighter note, pun intended, I wanted to share with you my Monday win, my Monday discovery and one of my tools that will be in my biggest loser toolbox.  Pret A Manger and their ridiculously delicious, ridiculously healthy spicy shrimp and cilantro wrap.  Not only is it amazing, but the in-store experience is efficient and informative…they show you the calorie count on all of their sandwiches, salads and wraps!  And if that isn’t amazing enough, how about the fact they they DO WELL AND DO GOOD FOR SOCIETY?!  Everything they make is made that day and whatever they don’t sell at the end of the day is donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  I love it.  Made Today, Gone Tomorrow.

If you have a Pret near you, go (and go fast) and get ready for my 8 pound weight loss challenge!

[photo credit:  http://www.pret.com/us%5D


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