Ready Or Not, Here I Come!

Hey all!  Happy Thursday.  Will keep this one short and sweet (there is a first for everything) in the midst of a ridiculously crazy week, otherwise known as Chicago Ideas Week meets TED meets work meets not working out meets nightly events meets lunch dates…I’m exhausted just typing!  But, the good news is I have some awesome forthcoming content for more Ann Written Notes.

Today marks a milestone in my self-procaimed writing career:  I was chosen by Jeff Nickles to be a guest blogger for My Super-Charged Life and it’s freshly live, freshly pressed for your viewing pleasure! In a way, I feel like giving a quick little oscar-type blog speech to thank my loyal subscribers who have been with me through so much, who have stood by my side and offered encouraging words as I struggled to pay my bills on a writer’s salary.  Okay, just kidding.  But, that was fun for me to type.  I just can’t seem to keep things short and sweet, can I?

Buckle up and get ready to know a bit more about me (ready or not, here I come!), indulge in a little life transparency and soak in (or laugh at) the ten things I learned while having one too many face-plant-in-pillow-with-black-mascara-running-down-my-face nights.  As Jeff calls them, good habits for a great life. 

Check it out today on the homepage of  Jeff’s site (and feel free to peruse his site while you’re at it!).


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