10 Things Every Hotel Room Should Have.

After experiencing one of Starwood’s newest hotels in New York City, the Sheraton Tribeca, I have to say, even as an employee of Starwood with a generally biased opinion towards my beloved employer, this hotel exceeded my expectations.  And being in the hotel business for almost 10 years, my expectations grow with each hotel stay I have.  In other words, hoteliers are the hardest critics.  We are picky.  And the Sheraton Tribeca survived my pickiness…and then some…which is no small feat.

And the reason why actually wasn’t it’s killer NYC location in the heart of Tribeca (walking distance from some of the big apple’s best shopping and arguably, some of the best restaurants).  It wasn’t the ease of check-in.  It wasn’t the simple, yet chic and fresh lobby.  It was my hotel room, #1517 to be precise.  Albeit small (come on, it’s NYC for crying out loud…all the hotel rooms in NYC are small), this was one of my favorite hotel rooms I have stayed at in quite some time.  Here’s why, in no particular order:

  1. One of the first things I do when I get into my room is charge my laptop.  When there is an outlet fixated on the desk in which I can easily plug in my laptop and I don’t have to get on my hands and knees to unplug a lamp that was made circa 1979 because there are no outlets anywhere else, I am so happy.
  2. Bathroom lighting was a-mazing (Eileen, I know you’ll appreciate this).  I definitely was much prettier, my skin almost flawless and the bags under my eyes were invisible with this lighting system.  Listen, I know it’s all smoke in mirrors, pun intended, but when you are on the road a lot, a little “hey, you look pretty good today!” from your bathroom lighting goes a long way.  Frequent travelers, you know what I am talking about.
  3. A hook on the bathroom door to hang my pajamas.  Not sure why I love this so much, but maybe because I always hang my robe and pajamas on the back of my bathroom door at home.  Oh, the at-home feeling when you are traveling.  It goes a long way.
  4. Good water pressure.  I am not looking to get pelted by water at 6am or to waste water by having 4 different shower heads in one shower, but a decent flow of hot water from a modern shower head is just to be expected.  And yet, I don’t always get it.  And how annoying is it to not have a great shower to jump start your day of working on the road?  It’s very annoying.  Therefore, when I get great water pressure, I do not take it for granted.
  5. And it doesn’t stop there.  You get in the shower and the water pressure is awesome.  Score!  But wait, the shampoo, conditioner and soap is on the bathroom counter.  Get out of the shower, get floor wet, freeze, grab toiletries, get back in shower.  Where do you put the toiletries in the shower (and if you are like me, you bring an additional 3-4 personal toiletries with you)?  On the tiny soap dish where either they won’t all fit or they will fall through the cracks?   OR, in an over-sized in-shower toiletry/soap holder (gosh, I can’t think of what the heck the name of those are…hopefully you are following) where ALL of your toiletries fit AND none of them fall through the cracks and they are easy to reach?  You guessed it, the latter.   This is a no-brainer opportunity to please women travelers everywhere! (In my humble opinion.)
  6. I realize pillows can be a very personal thing, but my vote is to just be simple:  real down pillows that don’t leave you with a ridiculous stiff neck in the morning.  I have an issue with pillows so when I get pillows that I know aren’t going to make me lopsided the next day, I am one happy traveler…and sleeper.
  7. The bed.  Yes, Westin invented the heavenly bed and yes, it is heavenly.  But the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper bed is actually pretty heavenly as well (that’s what we own at home) and the linens were just perfect.  Not too hot, not too lightweight and soft.  Here’s the deal, Starwood just rocks with the beds.  The W bed is awesome.  St. Regis beds and linens will transform your life.  We just do beds well.  That was me being pretty biased right there, FYI.
  8. And speaking of the bed, when I go to bed in my hotel room, I grab my iPhone charger and pray for the same amazing experience as point number 1 above offered.  And yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Sheraton Tribeca had a perfect little outlet on the lamp next to my bed!  This one is extra critical because I use my iPhone as an alarm clock and I am addicted to social media so I have to have access to a fully charged phone before I go to bed and when I wake up.  Yes, I have problems.
  9. As I mentioned in point 5 and to elaborate, I bring tons of crap with me when I travel as it relates to toiletries.  I don’t think I am an abnormal women traveler in this regard so kudos to the Sheraton for giving me SHELVES IN MY BATHROOM!   Another no-brainer that makes me incredibly happy.  I am type-A (if you couldn’t tell) so to be able to unpack and display all of my crap on a shelf in an organized fashion to help ease the “getting ready” process in the morning is huge.  Okay, slight exaggeration but seriously brings a smile to my face.
  10. A view of the Empire State Building.  Okay, this one is just a joke but my room did have a view of the ESB and to wake up to that…it’s just amazing.  Great job to the real estate and development team for putting a hotel in Tribeca that offers such incredible views.  Oh and if you ever get the chance to stay at the Sheraton Tribeca, check out the view of NYC from their rooftop outdoor club lounge.  Wow.

Happy travels!  And P.S., that picture of me is not at the Sheraton Tribeca 🙂


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  1. dying laughing at the lighting. I stayed at two hotels this weekend in which, not surprisingly, the lighting was terrible. I actually came home from work an hr and 1/2 early on Friday JUST so I could get ready at home so that I could completely avoid my usual procedure of taking off the lamp shade of the single lamp in the hotel room and then unplugging and moving said lamp in front of the mirror to be blinded by the blaring light from the 100 watt light bulb…just to be able to put my make up on. Kudos to Starwood!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • LOL Eileen!! That is alot of work, though the memories on Michigan ave in your studio before we went out..always involved the lamp on the floor and the large mirror. 😉 A girl can’t get enough of fabulous lighting applying makeup before going out! 🙂

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