Grown Up Arts and Crafts…and Wine.

Growing up, nothing made me happier than arts and crafts.  Nothing.  I lived for making handmade pot holders from those awesome cotton loops.  Crayola crayons, markers, glue, scissors and glitter were the key ingredients for my creative release recipe.  Coloring was so frickin’ awesome.  Well, except for when I had to color the 103 anatomical parts of the human body for science class.  I was ALMOST excited until I realized there were clear instructions and it wasn’t up to my own creative genius on what the final product would be (I’m pretty sure I still received an A). Painting pottery?  Oh yeah, I’m in (ahem, even as an adult it continues to be a passion).  Watercolor class taught by a nun in middle school?  YES!  Making Christmas ornaments for my mom and dad may possibly been one of my favorite things I did all year.  Oh and as a side, a lot of credit goes to Campfire circa 1990 (do they still have Campfire?!) as the only reason I stuck it out, apart from my mom making me do it and all of my friends being in it, was that at least once a month I partook in some killer crafts project.

Having a creative outlet is important, both as a kid and adult, and critical for my survival in this world (exaggeration to engage the reader), so when I heard of a place in Chicago that you paint on canvas while drinking a vintage California Pinot Noir, I immediately had to go.  I also had to immediately investigate this alleged genius business idea.  The name of the place is Bottle and Bottega and for about ten grande skinny vanilla latte’s from Starbucks, you can:

  • Enjoy 3 hours of painting being led by an instructor who says things like “keep drinking your wine…your art will look better that way”
  • Bring your own food and wine – they even supply a wine opener and glasses!
  • Listen to live music
  • Create a fun memory with a friend, boyfriend, spouse or even just with yourself for a solo night out on the town
  • Take home your finished 11×14 canvas

So yes, after my research and product testing, this place is the real-deal for adults who want to be brought back to their childhood arts and crafts days, but instead of kool-aid, you get to sip on our favorite vino.  And don’t fret.  Bottle and Bottega is not exclusive to Chicago.  There are other places similar across the U.S. and if you can’t find one,  they have franchise opportunities.  Yep.  I did.  I actually researched this, ALMOST quit my job to buy a Bottle and Bottega of my own (it was a crazy week that week).  Okay, another slight exaggeration to keep you engaged.  Anyways, take a look at the work.  And yes, my piece definitely got better and better as the night went on 🙂

The pallette on a paper plate...let the magic begin!

Semi-embarassed at this point.

Pretty happy here as these are my favorite colors.

Dear friend, Addie, painting away.

What the...

At this point, if you could guess what this is I would be uber impressed.

The original masterpiece, signed by the artist, hangs in our spare bathroom. No, it's not for sale.


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  1. Really cute! My creativity is not as good as yours, I know where to go when I need some advice in that department! Thanks for sharing and I always look forward to read your blog!

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