Easy Italian Dinner With Just Four Ingredients

Every so often I get a raging guilt sensation if a considerable amount of time has gone by where I haven’t cooked for my better half.  Did I just write better half in my blog?  What, am I like 65 now?  Okay, anyways, the other night I had no intention of cooking and there it was, the “you should be a better wife and cook for your husband” devil sitting on my left shoulder.  And on my right shoulder was the angel who gave me the idea of whipping together a meal from ingredients I already had at home.  I think I just stole that line from Rachel Ray or Bethenny Frankel.   I whipped up a chicken basil pesto pasta in about 20 minutes and I have to admit, it was good.  And please, no judging.  If you saw our schedules, you would understand why cooking homemade meals, if that’s what we would even call the below, takes the back burner.  Pun intended.  Enjoy 😉

Thinly sliced chicken breasts

Secret cheater ingredient - jar of basil pesto sauce (I know, I know...)

My incredible addition - fresh tomatoes

Final product! It was good 🙂


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