My First Photography Class.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved taking pictures.  I would spend hundreds of dollars developing 35mm film at Walgreens and then spend hours putting the pictures in scrapbooks and frames.  My mom has tons of old photo albums that I still love scrolling through.  There’s something truly remarkable about capturing a moment of time with some little machine.  Come on, it’s crazy, isn’t it?!  I mean, really, when you think about it, it’s insane.  You click a button and that moment, those facial expressions, the coloring, the lighting…IT’S ALL ON THIS LITTLE DEVICE!  It’s fascinating.  Anyways…

Photography has been a passion and hobby of mine and to bring some validity to this hobby, this year I decided to do two things:  Fork over the cash for an upgraded DSLR camera and two, sign up for photography classes.  Of course, the buying of the camera came first.  I went with the Canon EOS Rebel T3 with both an 18-55mm lens as well as a 75-300mm telephoto zoom lens.  Yep, just call me Annie Leibovitz.  And as the world of daily deals would have it, Groupon came through and offered me a few photography class deals I couldn’t pass up, one of which was with the Digital Photo Academy of Chicago.

We (myself, the instructor and 6 other students) spent four hours in the  eclectic and artistic Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago learning how to use our cameras, learning about aperture, shutter speed, focus and more.  It was such a great experience and I loved that it was semi-structured, but also allowed for personal creativity.  It was also a great introduction in terms of getting to know your camera and some of the basics.  I would highly recommend it (there are Digital Photo Academies all over the U.S.)!

Take a look at the outcome and feel free to critique and send me some feedback!  A girl has a to learn, right?!

Wicker Park Chicago

Wicker Park Chicago

Wicker Park Chicago

Wicker Park Chicago

Wicker Park Chicago

Wicker Park Chicago

Wicker Park Chicago

Wicker Park Chicago

Wicker Park Chicago


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  1. Cool pics! How did you like the class and the instructor? I’ve often thought that I’d like to take a photo class.

    • I liked the class and instructor a lot…for my first class. It was semi unstructured and informal which I liked. Again, for my first one. As I go to more, I will probably want more formal training but for now, I like starting slow!

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