Happy Birthday, Ann Written Notes!

It was one year ago on a hot summer weekend in Chicago that I spent hours and hours learning how to use WordPress to create a platform to write about my life at the risk of embarrassing myself, and perhaps others during the process.  Wow, I have typed a lot of words during the past 365 days.  I look back at some of my posts and think gosh,  I must believe people have a lot of time on their hands to read a 1,400 word blog.  And oddly enough one or two people did have enough time on their hands and no, one of them wasn’t my mom.  So that’s good.

I also look back and think about how much fun it has been to learn something new and to share some meaningless and every so often, meaningful words (and photography*) with you. Writing my blog is truly a creative outlet that I love more than talking about writing a blog which was my pre-August 2011 creative outlet.  As Elvis says, a little less conversation a little more action.  If only we could remember that brilliant quote each time we are inspired to dream up and set goals.  #actiontrumpseverything

Anyways, to celebrate the big one-year birthday, I thought I would share with you some things I’ve learned as a blogger.  And if you are wondering why I am writing with a relatively sarcastic tone today, check out the book I am reading located on the homepage of Ann Written Notes.

1.  Don’t write 1,400 word blogs.  What people really want is 140 characters or less and videos of cats doing totally stupid things.

2.  When you write more than 1,400 words, realize at that point your audience is yourself.  FYI my next blog is more than 1,400 words. (Not joking.)

3.  Writing while traveling in India is something every blogger should do.  See Adventure in India Part One.

4.  Read other blogs.  (This is actual advice.)

5.  Calling people out in a blog is not only fun and makes people feel special or humiliated, it also guarantees at least one comment.  FYI in the blogging world, more comments equals a more successful blog.  That was a hint, mom.

6.  The best part about being a blogger is you don’t actually have to be a professional writer.  I find the more personal you are and the more your tone resembles truly who you are, the better the blog.  The heck with those grammar rules from middle school.

7.  It’s super fun when random bloggers from Germany like your posts.  And it’s even more fun when creepy weird bloggers (will refrain stating what country they are from as to not offend anyone from Tanzania) start following your blog.  BTW, nobody from Germany or Tanzania has engaged with Ann Written Notes…yet.

8.  I like to use the numbering functionality in WordPress.  Makes me feel organized and in control.

9.  If you don’t get a book deal within your first year of blogging, don’t give up.  If Carrie Bradshaw can get a book deal from her Sex and the City column (which was in a fake New York newspaper, FYI), you can totally do it.

10.  Based on my blog announcement in August of 2011 and me stating, and I quote, “My blog would be a rhapsodic potpourri of everything I love, everything that has a purpose in my life and probably some things that are completely meaningless,” I think I have succeeded.

To all of my dedicated and supportive followers and fans:  Thank you for your likes, for your comments and for all the love.  You are [sort of] the reason I keep writing.  The other reason is so I can have something to do on Tuesday nights and on most weekends.  Kidding.  [sort of]

Here’s to another year of Ann Written Notes!

*Note the picture of Elvis in this blog would constitute as meaningless photography.  If you viewed it as meaningful, I knew there was a reason we were friends!


11 responses

  1. Hi Ann,
    Happy birthday, Ann’s Written Notes, I always get exited when I see a new post from you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words….you are the only blog I follow, so please keep it going.

  2. A year goes by so quickly, and good for you for accomplishing a goal that you set to achieve! I enjoy your posts and I also follow you on Pinterest, so you know that I am one of your biggest fans, Annie.

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