36 Hours in New York City (plus a fun giveaway!)

Last week, my husband and I had the privilege of jet-setting out East to one of our favorite cities in the world, New York City.  We went for a conference called Movement Day and took some time to play as well.  The thrill of NYC is unlike any other city (breaking news, ha?).  The food, the noise, the people, the diversity, the challenge.  We. Love. It.  From Chelsea Market (fave) and Times Square, to Soho for shopping and the West Village for a bite.  From The High Line  (only in NYC would they have a public park built on a railroad track) to NYU.  From meals with friends to a pair of sore feet along the way, we maximized our time and took in all we could.  I’ve documented our trip with “21 squares” via my iPhone, Instagram and a few shots taken with my Canon Digital SLR.  Hopefully this sparks some visual urban excitement for you!

Oh and just to add a little fun, let’s play a game.  Which three pictures do you think are my favorite?  Which are your favorites?  Reply with your comments and I’ll share the answer in the next couple of days!! One lucky winner will receive an Orla Kiely scarf I picked up while shopping in Soho!




12 responses

  1. Your favorites: the books, the clock, you with camera
    My favorites: turquoise shoe laces, the clock, you with cup of coffee

      • 🙂 awww, I want to go to NYC soon, it has been 2 or 3 years. How does the give away work? Only the person who guesses them right or everyone who responds is entered?

  2. Ok so let’s see…..I would have thought books, too, so I”ll go with the back-up travel themed photo. My guesses are the map, the clock and DASH 🙂

  3. Your favorites: clock, fire escapes and Rick with shopping bags walking with guy
    My favorites: the happy couple, clock and beer sign – great job Ann!!

  4. I posted a response yesterday (I thought!) but my guesses are the clock, the map and the flatware. I love the book photo, Ann.

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