Vacation in Cabo, Part 2: Top Ten Things to do in Cabo

As far as vacations go, I have to say Cabo is up there for me.  And so I thought I would share with you the highlights of our time there.  And of course, because I love numbered lists, it is my top ten things to do in Cabo.  Let’s get started, shall we?

1.  Stay at an amazing resort (hard not to in Cabo!).  We stayed at Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos and had a very memorable time and loved the resort.  Here’s why:

  • The staff is unbelievably kind, personal, accommodating and friendly.  They truly were happy making customers happy.  I watched this happen all around me each day and it warmed my heart.  These guys get hospitality (kudos to Anna Lilia, Angelina, Guillermo and many others on staff!).
  • The location.  You feel like you are in another world there because of it’s exclusivity.  However, it’s just about equidistant from Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo, roughly 10-15 minutes to each of those towns.  #bestofbothworlds
  • The rooms.  Oh my gosh.  Our room was outstanding.  Not only was the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper lush and inviting, but the fact that from that bed I could see and hear the ocean.  Or I could have coffee on one of my THREE huge outdoor terraces overlooking the pools and ocean.
  • And speaking of the ocean, the hotel is literally on the ocean.  The waves crash up and are about 40-50 feet from the resort.  Heavenly.
  • And if you aren’t a beach-goer, they have, I don’t know, at least 5 pools to choose from.  And the pool boys are super duper nice, too!
  • Cactus Spa – let me just say that I got two pedicures in a 7-day time period.  And these pedicures weren’t cheap!  But my feet needed the pampering and it was worth it!
  • The beauty and architecture of the building is truly breathtaking.  It gives you that feeling that you are away, in Mexico, living their culture.  The photo ops are endless.



2.  Drink Corona(s).  Okay, for some reason I had a minor lovefest with Corona while I was there.  I usually never drink beer.  I am a wine-with-dinner type of a gal.  But Cabo made me a cerveza-with-lunch type of gal.  When in Rome Cabo…

3.  Engage with the locals.  Everywhere Rick and I travel, we really do try to connect with the locals.  It’s fun to ask questions, learn about their culture, build relationships and make memories this way.  Here are some of our favorites from the trip.

The wonderful Anna Lilia who works at Sheraton!

A local artist in San Jose Del Cabo

An amazing cook at Mi Casa in San Jose Del Cabo (the tortillas were delish!)

It was La Dia de Muerte (the day of the dead) while we were in Cabo. This picture speaks for itself.

El nino hermoso. The beautiful child.

Our boat driver and a local professional fisherman.

Angelina and Guillermo, the wonderful concierge and our new friends at Sheraton!

4.  Dine at the following places (these were our favorite dinners of the trip):

  • De Cortez Restaurant at the Sheraton (even if you aren’t staying there, which I hope you would be per point number one above, make a reservation here).  We went twice.
  • Edith’s Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas.  Just by the looks of the homepage of their website, how could you NOT go there?  This was top-notch Mexican food and service.  Oh and P.S. the owner, Edith, closes the restaurant for 6 weeks each year to renovate and takes her ENTIRE staff all over the world so they can learn about food, service, etc.  Yeah, if you move to Cabo, get a job there.
  • Baja Cantina Beach Restaurant right on the main beach in Cabo.
  • Morgan’s Restaurant and Cellar in San Jose Del Cabo – great spot in San Jose del Cabo serving seafood and fantastic Mexican food.  The wine list there was one of the better of the ones I came across.

De Cortez mouthwatering stacked salad.  Oh and the filet was pretty darn good as well (had it twice in one week).

Caesar salad that they make and serve table side. It’s a must.

They also make and serve bananas foster table side. It’s also a must!

Cabo is known for their ceviche and Baja Cantina did it RIGHT!

The bar at Baja Cantina…how fun are those swings?!

5.  Pay $10 and take a glass-bottomed boat tour to El Arco de Cabo, Trip Advisor’s #1 ranked tourist attraction in Cabo (justifiably so).  This area is where the Sea of Cortez meets with the Pacific Ocean and the views of the arched rocks and rock formations are impeccable.  From our experience, you don’t need reservations.  Just go the marina and someone will offer the tour to you in around 14 seconds.  Rick and I had a boat to ourselves (which felt special but I have a feeling this is quite normal), it was about an hour and the views and history are worth seeing.

6.  Get guacamole served table side at least once, if not 5-6 times while you are there.   #avocados #themexicansknowhowtodoit #overserved

7.  Take amazing shots of the beach and post them on Instagram to make your friends jealous inspire others.

8.  Drink an amazing Mexican Coffee at French Riviera Bakery & Cafe in San Jose Del Cabo.  What is Mexican coffee?  It is amazingness, that’s what it is!  Okay, it’s coffee, Kahlua, tequila and whipped cream.  I am sure every restaurant has its own variation, but that’s the gist.  This is something America needs to bring to our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, STAT!

9.  Spend at least a day walking around the quaint and historic town of San Jose Del Cabo, known as the sister town to the party destination of Cabo San Lucas.  There are so many cute shops, markets, restaurants and art galleries.  We ate at Mi Casa for a late lunch and actually loved it, despite it’s known allegations of being a tourist spot.  I would also recommend an evening there for dinner as there are so many local restaurants to choose from.  Ask your concierge for a recommendation, create your own food crawl or just stumble upon something.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

10. Similarly, do all the same in Cabo San Lucas, with the caveat this is duly noted as the spring break type of town so if you are in the mood to get your party on, perfect.  Rick and I aren’t the taking shots of tequila types, per se, but we did stop at the marina to eat some nachos and I, of course, drank a Corona.  Yeah, we got pretty crazy.  There are also many markets and local shops to buy gifts and such and it’s definitely worth going for the views!

By the looks of this post, it may be perceived that we were busy exploring, meeting people, etc. And yes, we did get out and about while we were visiting Cabo.  But I have to say, the number one thing to REALLY do in Cabo is relax, enjoy the sun and let the sounds of the waves put you to sleep.  Can I get an Amen?!  Thanks for reading and I hope that I have inspired you to go to Cabo one day.  I promise you won’t regret it!


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