How to Decorate With Flowers

Fresh flowers are one of my all-time favorite home enhancements in the world of decorating. They are a cheap (and easy!) way to transform a space, often times they smell amazing and they can bring pops of color to an otherwise plain area.  I also believe they add a warm feeling for guests coming into a home.  And now with the winter season upon us, it’s that much more important to bring pops of color and a little bit of nature (and reminders of summer and spring!) into your home.  Here is my curated list of how to decorate with flowers:

1.  Put one single flower in a vase, especially a bigger, unique flower like the two below.  This allows the flower(s) to really pop and is a classy and simple element of decor.  And sometimes you miss the beauty of a robust flower when it’s in a bouquet so this is a perfect way to highlight the unique aspects of a flower.

2.  Cluster a few vases of flowers together to create a centerpiece for a table, entryway or a bedroom.  I like to use different vases to bring in more depth to the effect (see photo below).

3.  Choose smaller bouquets of flowers that are different but have similar color tones (in the case below, purple) and bunch those together for a new aesthetic twist.  The larger bouquet below was made up of two smaller bouquets so not only does it offer dimension, it’s inexpensive (these were less than $10)!

4.  Add a touch to your bathroom by putting a small bouquet of flowers on your sink, the back of your toilet or even on the ground in a corner.   When I have guests over, it’s a guarantee that those people will be going into our guest bathroom and it’s the perfect opportunity to add some creative elements and conversation starters as well.  Don’t underestimate decorating your bathroom!

5.  Cut down long-stemmed flowers, such as roses or calla lilies, cluster together and make a mini bouquet in a smaller vase.  I love this look and it gives you the ability to put the flowers in smaller spaces as well (ahem, see bathroom tip above).  It also gives you 2, sometimes 3 bouquets for the price of 1!

6.  Use cocktail glasses or candle holders as vases.  Here is an old cocktail glass of my grandmother’s.  It worked perfectly as an added touch in our guest bedroom.  Oh and added tip here…putting a penny in the vase to help tulips “stand up” actually does work!

7.  Don’t spend a lot!  For me, the Jewel flowers are just as beautiful as some of the more expensive ones in local flower shops.   Plus I have found the cheaper grocery store flowers live longer than the expensive ones.  Could be a fluke, but I’m going with it!  Here are two Hydrangea’s I bought at Jewel for $8 and look perfect as a small centerpiece on my dining room table.

8.  To keep flowers alive a bit longer, always remember to trim the stems with kitchen scissors before putting them in the vase and also, add a few ice cubes to your water.  Works like a charm!  No idea why, but again, I’m going with it!  Hey, I didn’t say I was Martha Stewart, did I?

9.  Last, flower arrangements do not always have to be a centerpiece or a main focal point in a room.  Sometimes placing flowers in secondary areas (like a bathroom sink, the second level of a coffee or side table or on the bar where your drinks are being served) actually makes them more noticeable and therefore, more appreciated!  Here is an example of book shelves in our home office.  As you can see, the flowers are small and not necessarily the main focal point, but they add a nice pop.

What tips do you have for decorating with flowers?


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