My 2012 Visual Year in Review

IMG_1389One thing I love about coming to the end of a year is the inevitable reflection that usually starts occurring in early December.  As I close out the year, it forces me to stop, inhale, turn my head and look back…and exhale.  Look back at what this year has brought me, what I  learned, how I grew, where I traveled, who God has blessed me with, what mistakes I made, officially seal up the jar of tears that were shed, store in my memory the smiles and laughter that occurred.  It’s nostalgic, exciting, challenging and joyful all at once.   And for me, it’s important.  I don’t believe in looking back and staying in the past.  I believe in looking back to appreciate the present and prepare for the future.  And so, before 2013 is official, I’d like, for a moment, to stop, reflect and share my 2012 visual year in review. In the days of Instagram, visual everything and emulating my 2011 visual year in review, photos seemed like the way to go to wrap up 2012.  Happy New Year and thanks for all of your support, comments and encouragement this year.  I am excited to see where Ann Written Notes heads in 2013!


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