Snapshots From a Weekend in San Francisco

weekend-in-san-francisco I am not sure if any of you out there have experienced this or not.  But, if you have, you will get the absurdity of taking ONE final trip of the year in order to maintain Platinum status on an airline.  I checked my account in early December and realized I wasn’t going to make Platinum in 2013.  My response: that sucks.  Rick’s response:  Take a trip out west.  My response:  Okay!  And as luck would have it, my best friend was available.  So we packed our bags for a holiday weekend in San Francisco.  Perfecto.  Check out the visual highlights below.

A must-see during the holidays, of course.


Coffee and a croissant before a morning at Bliss Spa.  Yeah, rough life. As a side, I would argue that Bliss is the best spa in the U. S. of A.


I stumbled across Gump’s Holiday Shop and felt like I was on the movie Elf for a second.  It was the greatest few seconds ever.

Eileen and I scored some great stuff shopping around Fillmore Street.  Awesome boutiques, especially ones that let you sit on the counter and take your picture.

We went to see Chanticleer: An Orchestra of Voices at St. Ignatius Church.  Gorg.  weekend-in-san-francisco

I didn’t look like a tourist at all taking this picture of the Macy’s windows in Union Square.


This was clearly a trip highlight.  Pretty normal to be in a hotel bar and this guy shows up.


The most random and hilarious and weird thing we did during our time in SF was go to The Charles Dickens Christmas Fair. We should have known better when our concierge said “yeah, this is okay to go to if you are into that sort of thing…”  As Eileen would say, it was pissin’.



One of my favorite meals by far was at Rose’s Cafe.  Great for brunch and if you like to eat truffle oil by the spoonful like I do.  Hence the smiles.weekend-in-san-francisco

Just because I am weird like that and have to take these types of pictures. weekend-in-san-francisco

At the W Hotel in San Francisco, there were these cool silver huge ornament ball things that reflected you as upside down.  Clearly a great photo op.


Yep, I did it again.  This was some tall gold beam thing at Alice + Olivia and here is the outcome when taking a pic.


Oh it didn’t stop there.  The tree at The Westin St. Francis where we stayed had humungo Christmas ornaments that yes, I had to take a picture of.


Always great to take a girls weekend in San Francisco!



5 responses

  1. I loved the photo of Macy’s window and also the one of the sweet rolls. I’ve always said, “If I’m dying and you can’t hear what I’m sayings, it’s ‘I want a sweet roll!'”
    Ironically, to keep her airline status, one of my friends just took a trip to NYC and back in one day! Only the young!
    Margaret Symons

  2. “Roses Cafe had truffle oil”? Of course it did!!! Ha ha! I LOVE Truffle oil, truffle salt!
    Truffle salt on fresh white popped corn in truffle oil is saaawwweeeet too! Looks like you girls had a fun time! 🙂

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