Friday Round Up: Fashion, Food, Design and Saving the Earth, Of Course.

Probably like most of you, I am totally stimulated with visuals.  Like I am infatuated with visual language.  And this week I received my fair share of visuals and I am here to bring you the round up for your viewing and pinning to Pinterest pleasure.  Enjoy and make it a great weekend!

{Amy of Leopard and Lillies featured on In Honor of Design.  Love the comfy chic look!}


{Amelia from The Chicago Life Blog – I want every single thing she is wearing, especially that jacket and that amazing bun and tall skinny legs, please.}


{You know you want one of these Glazed & Infused donuts.  Yep, I had one and it tasted as good it looks.}


{Oh yeah, you know you want some of this red velvet deliciousness, too.  Well, you have to have a meeting at The Westin Edina Hotel in Minneapolis for that.  #lovemyjob}


{The West Elm Parson’s Desk continues to be a design phenomenon.  It’s simple.  It’s chic.  It’s classy.  It’s a steal.  And The Everygirl did a great feature on how to style this bad boy.}


{My current obsession is gold anything.  Gold lamps, vases, pillows, teeth.  Ewwww.  Okay not anything, but most things.  And Emily Henderson shared her find at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA.  And check out that fabric, too!  Ugh, want.}



{One of my favorite visual captures this week was chatting with a girl I met at a leadership conference who was chugging some good, tasty, earth-saving Project 7 water.  If you haven’t heard of this company, check them out STAT.  How could you not want to #savetheearth and #housethehomeless and #feedthehungry and #healthesick and #quenchthethirsty and #teachthemwell and #hopeforpeace by simply purchasing every day products?!}



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