Friday Round Up: Gallery Walls

The last few months I have been slowly updating our living/dining space.  And after getting new tables, fresh paint, a bit of rearranging (because come on, who doesn’t rearrange after the new year?!), it’s almost done!  I have a woodworker (never thought I would type that word) coming this weekend to see if we can get creative with seating for one of our new tables.  I still need to find a reupholster in Chicago.  And, I need to finalize our gallery wall!  Gallery walls are a secret addiction I have.  If I had a choice between designing a gallery wall or winning the lottery, there is a solid chance I would opt for the gallery wall.  Anyways, this past week I was scouring Pinterest to get some inspiration and found some AWE-SOME walls.  From dining rooms to bathrooms, gallery walls rock.  Which one is your favorite below?

ann-written-notes-gallery-wall ann-written-notes-gallery-wall-2 ann-written-notes-gallery-wall-3 ann-written-notes-gallery-wall-4 ann-written-notes-gallery-wall-5 ann-written-notes-gallery-wall-6 ann-written-notes-gallery-wall-7


7 responses

  1. I don’t know your space so I recommend hesitantly. The first one is you want it be contemporary and posh. The one in the bedroom for a little eclectic/vintage/variety. I love home projects. I actually have two myself that I’m working on – vintage mirror wall and a teeny tiny gallery wall. Enjoy!

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