Latest Obsession: Wallpaper

Despite not having one single, long, textured sheet of wallpaper in my home, I have a big place in my heart for it.  I think it stems from the fact that I grew up with it.  And by “grew up with it” I mean my mom wallpapered the crap out of our house on a regular basis and my dad was so happy when she would change things up season after season.  No, no. He wasn’t happy.

It also stems from the fact that it’s beautiful and artistic and emotional.  Yes, I am describing wallpaper, not Les Miserables.  Wallpaper can transform a space more than paint in ways that are subtle and dainty or bold and dramatic.  I personally love when people use it in bathrooms and hallways.  Not sure why, but I think bathrooms and hallways are the most logical place to paste that awesomeness up.

And listen, I have heard that wallpaper is hard to put up, can be expensive, it’s a pain in the behind to take down but I. Don’t. Care. It’s interior design, people!  It’s not always roses and sometimes you just have to fight the good fight and suck it up for some amazingly ridiculous walls!  YOLO!  (For those of you who haven’t been to South Beach or Cabo San Lucas as of late, YOLO means You Only Live Once.  Yeah, those people know what they are talking about.)

So, in the absence of taking on a wallpaper project at home, I am admiring it from afar.  And I’m here to share with you some of my favorite papers out there. Which are you favorite from the below? And more importantly, do you have wallpaper in your home?


ann-written-notes-wallpaper4 ann-written-notes-wallpaper3





ann-written-notes-wallpaper9 ann-written-notes-wallpaper8

{Source:  All sources are on my Pinterest Wallpaper Board}


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