Weekend Discovery: The Coveteur

ann-written-notes-the-coveteur2In the world of social media, incredible creatives and websites and blogs galore, it can be hard to know where to go for what.  And when I was taking a leisurely stroll online over the weekend, I came across what I think will be a potentially fabulous, inspiring, useful and, ahem, a home and fashion lovers cyber paradise.  You know, where you can go for, um, whatever you want I suppose.

I bring you The Coveteur.  I actually don’t like the true meaning behind the name – or maybe I just hate the word covet – but I credit them as it’s creative and spot on for what their business is offering.  What I have gathered is they curate home and fashion items in a deliciously visual way (less overwhelming than Pinterest, but similar and classier) with sources and links to shop directly from the site.  Groundbreaking?  Not entirely.  Different?  Yes.  Better than what you have seen before? A for sure yes.

ann-written-notes-the-coveteurHere’s what The Coveteur says about their business (image and text sources http://www.thecoveteur.com):

The Coveteur takes you inside the homes and closets of today’s tastemakers and influential icons so you can discover and shop their unique style.

  • The Coveteur offers exclusive content, photography and videos from the homes of the most notable names in fashion and pop culture.
  • We connect a community of style-obsessed readers from across the globe to collect and share their favorite fashion images.
  • And, The Coveteur is a one-stop shopping destination where consumers can “Get The Look” of their favorite Coveteurs with just a click (or two!) of a button.

They collaborate.  They edit.  They have coveteurs.  It’s fun.  Take a peak at one of their latest featured Coveteurs, Emily Schuman.



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