Chalk Art You Will Definitely Want.

ann-written-notes-chalk-artI am not exactly sure why, but I love all things chalkboard.  I use them for cheese boards, welcome signs, art and most recently, I painted an accent wall with chalkboard paint.  Let’s just say that after a glass of wine or two, my friends and family have a blast with that wall and tend to write mildly inappropriate quotes which is pretty entertaining.  What is funny is as I am writing this right now, I am counting the amount of chalkboard thingys I have in my house and in almost every single room I have something.  So perhaps it’s not a love, but an awkward obsession.

Anyways, I came across this adorable company called Caravan and they sell really cute (and cheap) chalk art.  I love their designs and more importantly, I love their business model.  You pay just $5 or $6 and you get the hi-res digital file.  Save that bad boy to a jump drive and go to Kinkos or Staples or a local printer and you can print on your own.  Or heck, if you have your own printer, print it yourself!  It’s smart, don’t you think?  You can get the size you want and use the printer you want and total price will still be pretty inexpensive.

ann-written-notes-chalk-art2 ann-written-notes-chalk-art4

I’m thinking these art masterpieces would be great in an entryway, a kids room, a hallway, a bathroom…oh wait, I think they would be great  ANYWHERE, per point above about my obsession with chalkboards.


What do you think?  Is my obsession warranted?  Do you like chalk art?

{Images sources all from Caravan website}


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