Friday Round Up: A Minted March

I have a love affair happening right now with mint. green. anything.  Shoes, jewelry, scarves, bags and full blown rooms that are minted out like crazy!  I can’t decide this minty color carries the “I’m awesome and French and vintage and will be around forever” attitude or “I’m just cool right now because I am a cousin of Emerald, the 2013 Pantone color” attitude.  What do you think?  At any rate, here are six different rooms that I LOVE carrying these energetic mint tones.

{Entryway, bulldog included. The trim on that door is perfect.}


{Dining room. The contrast of the charcoal, silvers and whites make these chairs the hero of the room.}


{Living room.  I love the bursts of colors, especially the gold accents!}


{Kitchen. Again, the contrast allows the greens to flow so nicely, especially with that view!} ann-written-notes-mint-green-kitchen

{Bathroom.  Ahhh, mint wallpaper!  Beautiful marble!  Brilliant floors!  And they just had to throw in the fabulous chandelier, didn’t they?}


{Bedroom.  I’m seeing a mint and gold theme and I’m. Loving. It.}ann-written-notes-mint-green-bedroom

{Image Sources via Pinterest}


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