Thoughts On Thirty-Three

ann-ueno-Thirty-ThreeBirthdays.  Some people love them, some people not so much. Me?  I love birthdays (and consequentially, I love my own birthday).  To put it simply, it’s a reminder that I am alive and that God has blessed me with another year of life.  Is my life perfect?  No.  Did all my dreams come true since my last birthday?  Some, not all.  Is life going the way I had planned?  Partially.  Am I grateful for what I do have?  Yes.

In life, I try to err on the side of celebrating for any reason I can think of and a birthday definitely meets the liberal criteria. So with birthdays, I am the glass-half-full-let’s-celebrate-for-a-month-and-be-thankful-for-what-we-do-have type.  And with birthdays and celebrations comes thoughts from yours truly.  Here are some thoughts on thirty-three.

  1. Last year I was on a business trip for my birthday in NYC.  Yes, a great place to be and one of my favorite cities of all time.  But, being away for my birthday, despite having colleagues to celebrate with, was hard.  So this year, I am so grateful to not be on a business trip on my birthday.
  2. I don’t think too far into the depths of thirty three, but rather I think about today.  The day, thirty three years ago, that my mom labored to bring me into the world and hasn’t stopped laboring since.  For all you moms out there and for my mom, thank you.
  3. I am young!  And I think I will feel young for years and years to come (regardless if my skin, boobs and bones want to cooperate).  And for what it’s worth, most people think I look like I’m 24 which one day will be a compliment.  What’s funny about that is I wouldn’t trade today, thirty three, for any other year or age in my life.  None.
  4. I truly believe in the whole “the older you get the wiser you get” theory (per my mom, one of the wisest women out there).  I don’t believe it as an observer or a theorist, but I believe it as an experiencer.  With age, comes experience and with experience comes wisdom.  For me, the experiences are leading at work, serving in my community, being a wife, a step-mom.  Being a creative, a blogger, a photographer, a foodie.  Being a traveler, a friend, a designer, a sister, a daughter, a relative. And in all of these experiences, I have had my fair share of succeeding some days and failing miserably on others. The good news is that wisdom comes from both success and failure.  So I say bring on another year of experience!
  5. It’s really just a day. I try not to put too much expectation on it but at the same time, I do make plans to celebrate in some way on the actual day.  (And perhaps for the weeks up to and the weeks after…hmmm…so is it really just a day?).  This year, I am off work and spent the morning wrapping my arms around things I love to do (post to come on that!) and then spending time with one of my favorite companies, American Airlines, as Rick and I head to San Diego for sun, relaxation and a visit with friends.  Is it the greatest day of the whole year?  Eh.  Why compare?  Celebrate today.
  6. Last, my birthday makes me think about the friendship and love that I have.  Receiving gifts, cards, serenades on my voicemail, FB messages is humbling and awwwwee-ssoooome.  And having plans to spend time with my closest friends and family reminds me that I am not alone, that I am loved and that smiling, laughing and celebrating are true reflections of the goodness of God.

What about you?  Do you love birthdays?  Or not so much?


2 responses

  1. I love birthdays too! I don’t care how old I am! Age is just a number! Have a great time in San Diego and have fun celebrating, it’s your special day! Dave and I stayed at the US Grant before and we love the jewelry store that’s just across the way!

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