Birthday Highlight #1: Glazed and Infused

awr-glazed-and-infused-8I recently shared my thoughts on turning thirty-three and now I am here to share some of the highlights while actually celebrating turning thirty-three.  On my actual birthday I took off of work as Rick and I were heading out to San Diego to spend a long weekend celebrating and visiting friends.  I, no doubt, was going to maximize the few hours I had before our flight took off.  I woke up early, read my bible, drank my Starbucks from my Keurig and headed out to go to “run a few errands.”  Well, I decided this year that a birthday cake or even cute cupcakes were a bit outdated so I walked over to a gourmet donut shop right by our house that I have been wanting to try called Glazed and Infused.


As I opened the door, the smell of freshly baked donuts consumed every single smelling sense my body (or nose, I suppose) had.  I had the biggest smile on my face and the words “oh my gosh…oh my gosh” kept rolling off of my tongue (along with a long strand of drool) as I admired these glazed carbohydrate deliciousnesses.  I actually was like a kid in a candy store.  Or wait.  No.  I was a grown thirty-three year-old adult in a donut shop.  Yep.  That’s what I was.

awr-glazed-and-infused-5 awr-glazed-and-infused-2 awr-glazed-and-infused-7

awr-glazed-and-infused-3 awr-glazed-and-infused-6 awr-glazed-and-infused-4

As my donut delirium took over, I decided to announce to everyone in the store that it was my birthday. (I think the donut smell was getting to me and making me do things I otherwise wouldn’t have done. Ha, yeah right.)  The employees couldn’t have been nicer and next thing I knew, they were making a very special birthday donut just. for. me.  Fresh glaze and all.

awr-glazed-and-infused-9 awr-glazed-and-infused-10

In addition to my complimentary made-to-order glazed sugar and butter pile, I decided to also go for a chocolate cake donut with Bailey’s Irish creme and chocolate frosting with a dab of green sprinkles.  Sprinkled donuts are SUPER nostalgic for me as my dad would often get these for us for breakfast when my sister and I were younger and they were SUCH a treat.  Ahhh, memories.

awr-glazed-and-infused-11And the rest, my friends, is history.  What is the lesson here?  Go to Glazed and Infused!  Or if nothing else, check out your local gourmet donut shop and treat yourself.  And don’t worry for one second about the calories.  I sure didn’t!


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