How to Create a Wall Gallery {Featuring West Elm Gallery Frames}

If you have been following me over the past couple of years, you should know at least two things.  One, that I love interior design.  And two, I have an obsession with wall galleries.  Over the last few weeks, I have talked to three women about creating wall galleries in their homes and received similar responses which was “I don’t know how to do it” or “It seems hard.”  I can understand this so today, I am here to share a very easy way to do a simple wall gallery.  Let’s call it Wall Galleries for Dummies. 

While you can use any frames for this project, I really think the West Elm Gallery Frames are critical for two reasons.  One, they are pretty awesome frames (and if you sign up for their emails you usually can get them on sale) and two, they come with the EASIEST template to hang the frames!  Now that we have that settled, check out the three easy steps below.

First, using your eye or a level, place the paper templates on a vertical wall as outlined below using scotch tape.  I love the floor to ceiling look so if you have the wall space, try it out!  how-to-create-a-wall-gallery-ann-written-notesNow.  You can’t see it in these pics, but, the templates have the exact place you need to put in the two nails to hang the frames.  So, you hammer in a couple small nails and then just pull the paper off the wall.


And, um, start hanging your frames 🙂  Yeah, I told you this was easy.



An important step in all of this is to find some fabulous photos or artwork to put in the frames.  And I suppose it makes sense to do that before you hang the frames 🙂  As you can see, I didn’t do that.  I was still working on my photography plan of attack. If you need ideas or want to purchase some of my aspiration travel photos, ping me!  You can check out my Etsy Shop, too, which currently only features five shots but soon will have more.

Okay, drum roll please!  Here is the finished, easy, wall gallery featuring West Elm gallery frames.



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