{Reveal} Entryway Before and After

I am back to share with you the first of seven room reveals from the Extreme Home Makeover: Oak Park Edition of the Hamilton family…the entryway!  As I noted in the aforementioned post, Jennifer and Chris’s home had amazing structure and bones and the entryway was no different.  Out of all the rooms, I would say this space was on the easier side to update because it was relatively bare (ahem, blank canvas) and I instantly knew that if I did nothing more than paint, it would be a great improvement.  Of course, I did a few extra things but the paint really helped!  Oh and I have an obsession with entryways so for some reason they come a bit easier for me.

At a high level, here was my five-step thought and execution process (with sources listed) and below are the pics!

  1. Decide on paint.  Because of the warm tones of the natural wood floors, furniture and staircase, I knew I wanted the walls to be cooled down to offer some balance.  We decided on Benjamin Moore Whitestone (which is a light gray).
  2. Upgrade existing chandelier.  I can only dream of having an entryway with a beautiful chandelier so taking on this challenge was F-U-N!  Lighting is not only critical for function, but for ambiance as well so when I found this Camille Chandelier from Ballard Designs, I knew it was love at first sight (pun intended).  And thankfully, Jennifer agreed.  The size, the crystal glass (which offers beautiful shadows), the price point and the fact that it works perfectly in the space were all reasons I was s-o-l-d on this piece!
  3. Invest in a new rug.  Although relatively subtle and small in size, an entryway rug can really add character and set the color tone as well.  We went with FLOR (actually all of the rugs that were added were from FLOR) and chose Lasting Grateness in Indigo. The indigo was intentional not only to cool up the space, but to act as the transition piece into the next room (more to come on that in the next post).
  4. Confirm functionality.  Was the space already functional?  Did I need to invest in any storage units or benches?  Only a little bit.  Overall, the entryway was relatively functional so all I did was add alphabet hooks from Anthropologie (I actually used the banister to hang my coat every time I went there so I knew they needed some type of coat rack), a Pottery Barn clock, a bowl I found in their liquor cabinet that now serves as a catch all and a small shelf from Urban Outfitters to hang keys and such.
  5. Add final aesthetic details.  This is the “bringing it all together” phase.  A couple of small books, an Illume Boulangerie Jar candle (my personal fave…especially because you can reuse the jar for a vase or penholder once the candle is gone), a French chalkboard sign from Ruby Begonia’s,  a mason jar for fresh flowers and a custom-made illustration by yours truly featuring various synonyms for the word “home.”  Voila!  Now you have ambiance and personalization.  Done and done.

Okay, take a look and tell me what you think!

ann-ueno-designs-entryway-before  ann-ueno-designs-entryway-after

ann-ueno-designs-entryway-before-2  ann-ueno-designs-entryway-after-3

ann-ueno-designs-entryway-before-4  ann-ueno-designs-entryway-after-7





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