{Reveal} Bathroom Before and After

I have one word for this salle de bain:  WALLPAPER.  Yep, the hero of the bathroom is the wallpaper!

This is what I call my “risk space” for the Hamilton Home project.  Wallpaper is risky.  Why?  Well, for one thing it’s expensive (to buy and install).  I have yet to find inexpensive wallpaper.  Okay, not true.  You can find it, it’s just not great quality and the patterns and colors are usually blah. And for another, if you don’t like it, it’s not an easy change.  Of course, you can remove it.  But, that process is pretty much a pain in the you know what.  And for me, depressing to think about.

When Jennifer agreed to take a risk and wallpaper the bathroom, I was beyond excited! Here is the reveal and below the photos are my simple tips and resources for the space.  Tell me what you think!


ann-ueno-design-before-and-after-2 ann-ueno-design-before-and-after-3




  1. Let the wallpaper be the hero.  Don’t put much up, if anything, on the walls.  I went to Urban Source in Chicago and worked with April and she was a gem!  Highly recommend checking them out if you are in need of wallpaper or fabric.  My only warning is the fabric there is pretty pricey.  They are worth it and beautiful, but if you are on a budget, it may be tough to find something.  I gave them that feedback and actually, they are looking to bring in more styles and patterns at a lower cost so they may have done so already!
  2. Simple, yet impactful wall art (again, wallpaper needs to be the hero).  Another Ruby Begonia’s find!  When I saw this I KNEW it would be perfect in the bathroom right above the toilet.  Who doesn’t love vintage Ladies Home Journals from the early 1900’s?
  3. Recycled mirror.  This mirror used to hang in their entryway and I snagged it, painted it gold (made a mess doing so) and hung that bad boy up.  Total cost = $5 for paint supplies.  Love it when that happens.
  4. Bath linens from World Market.  Simple, inexpensive, visually perfect.
  5. Accessories – Home Goods, World Market, Anthropologie…all three great places to style any space!  I love putting extra rolls of TP in a cute basket or crate.  Also, always good to have nice hand soap and guest towels if you have the space.
  6. Fresh flowers.  I personally think all bathrooms that guests may go into should have fresh flowers.  A simple bouquet of roses.  A trio of single stem picks.  A mason jar with lilacs.  Whatever it is, spruce up the toilet or the sink (or even the floor).  Check out my decorating with flowers post for more tips and tricks!

Yay or nay on the wallpaper?!

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