Friday Feature: The Great Gatsby Book Covers

If there is one party I would want to be invited to, it would be one hosted by Jay Gatsby.  Who’s excited for the big premiere of The Great Gatsby?!  Oh my gosh I am so excited!  I am not sure that I will get to see the movie this weekend, but, it’s on my must-do list in the next week so the anticipation will be killing me!

Anywho.  I have to say, not only am I inspired by the fashion and design of the 1920’s set of the movie, BUT, I stumbled upon these gorgeous book covers and had to share.  I could see these making great pieces of art for a living room or guest bedroom.

ann-ueno-great-gatsby-book-cover ann-ueno-great-gatsby-book-cover-2 ann-ueno-great-gatsby-book-cover-3 ann-ueno-great-gatsby-book-cover-4jpg ann-ueno-great-gatsby-book-cover-5 ann-ueno-great-gatsby-book-cover-6


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