Fashion Find: The Perfect Dress for Travel.

T minus 17 days until the Mr. and I (what the heck, did I just type that?!  “The Mr. and I?”  Really?!) jet-set to Italy for a two-week romantic rendezvous.  Um, okay, half romance (Rome, Venice, Livernano, just the two of us), half Rick golfing with his buddies while I shop and eat my way through Milan, Lake Como (ahem, Clooney) and perhaps a day trip to Switzerland.  In my eyes it’s the perfect vacation.

And what does every gal need for a trip to Italy?  The perfect dress that travels well.  You see, my friends, I search high and low for leisure travel clothes since Rick and I travel a lot.  And it’s important to have the staples when traveling.  And in this case, the staple dress. Versatile.  Stylish.  Bold.  Flattering.  Comfortable.  Day-to-Night Transitioning.  Am I asking for too much?  I didn’t think so.  And neither did Nordstrom, thank God.

I am excited to share with you what I believe will be my favorite, over-worn dress of the summer.  Drum roll please…The Joie ‘Peri’ Lace Silk A-Line Dress in jungle green.

nordstrom-joie-dressnordstrom-joie-dress-2 {Image sources}

Ahhhh.  It was really hard not to get the blue but all my friends make fun of me because I have at least 6 blue shirts/dresses in that royal-y blue color.  So, I ventured out and went with green.  And I love.  And you will, too!  It’s all those things I mentioned above and more.  I can wear it to work with a black blazer, some rockin’ heels and gold accessories.  I can wear it walking around in the city on the weekends.  I can pair it with a silk scarf and wear it to church.  I can wear it…wait for it…wait for it…sipping a glass of Chianti at the Romanesque church in Tuscany that we will be staying at.  (Here’s a sneak peek of the winery in Livernano where I will be doing all this sipping and dress wearing…I think this Joie number will fit in quite nicely with the vineyards, don’t you?!)

And there you have it.  The perfect dress for travel!  What travel wear do you love?  What will be your summer dress?

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  1. OMG, I have a indigo color dress just like it! I am obsessed with anything racerback too! A classic staple and this you can do anything with! Heels, bracelets…or dress it down…flops and a hat! 🙂

  2. Hi Ann –

    The trip sounds soo memorable! We can set up a tasting for you at a winery in Tuscany if you like. I know Rick doesn’t drink, but the experience itself should be fantastic.

    When you guys HAVE to come to Anteprima, it is truly authentic Italian cuisine.

    All my best –

    Elaine Fosse

    On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 8:34 AM, Ann Written Notes wrote:

    > ** > A Lifestyle Blog on interior design, travel, fashion, photography and > Ann written notes along the way. posted: “T minus 17 days until the Mr. and > I (what the heck, did I just type that?! “The Mr. and I?” Really?!) > jet-set to Italy for a two-week romantic rendezvous. Um, okay, half > romance (Rome, Venice, Livernano, just the two of us), half Rick golfing > with his “

  3. With my tummy I couldn’t do a silk dress but it does look mighty fine! My plane travel clothing of choice is a long maxi dress. I can put leggings on underneath if I get cold and no one will know 🙂 And it’s easy to layer (add a cardigan and/or scarf) for the cold plane ride and unlayer quickly once you get to your warm destination. My summer travel shoes of choice are NAOts but I’ve recently become obsessed with the stylish Frye Carson sandal (no arch support) but if you don’t mind, they have really nice cushion and look fabulous darling!

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