My Husband is Part of the Asian Mafia

Or so it looks.

This past weekend I had the unbelievable pleasure of working with the talented and creative Chicago photographer, Kristyna Archer, of Kristyna Archer Photography.  I hired her to shoot my house for some upcoming projects, and also asked her to shoot a few portraits as well. I begged Rick to do this and after days of apprehension, he agreed.  (Most likely because I told him to wear his rockin’ new Ted Baker vest, new specs and gave him free rein to light and smoke a cigar in the house.  And he insisted on a Blackhawks buckle which didn’t exactly match the Gatsby-esque theme but, hey, whatever it takes.)

I will share some behind the scenes of the photo shoot later this week but for now, I will leave you with this incredible shot Kristyna captured.  This obviously will be used for Rick’s initiation into the Asian Mafia.  I am sure they will love the Parisian wall gallery combined with some Caitlin Wilson chairs.  He’s for sure going to get in.

ann-ueno-asian-mafia{Photo Credit:  Kristyna Archer Photography}

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