Shop Feature: MadeByGirl + 15% Off!

madebygirlEvery day I come across a new blog.  Some days I am impressed, sign up and follow, pronto.  Other days I don’t.  MadeByGirl falls into the former bucket and it’s one of those blogs that I get a little giddy when I see a new email in my inbox from her (her being Jen Ramos, blog and shop owner).  Here are a few reasons I love MadeByGirl:

Her content hits right on my passion points – design, color, fashion, food, art.  It’s a little slice of what I hope heaven is like one day.

She has some great contributors and does pretty cool collaborations and in this world of social media, collaborations are it.  Period.

She’s a Christian and open about her faith which is so admirable and inspiring to me.  She even shares her testimony for her readers to read.

She has a ridiculously cute online shop of her graphic design work-turned-prints-for-the-home that are simply irresistible.  Great gifts for a wedding shower, a wedding, a best friend, a colleague, um, ahem, yourself.  They are chic, colorful, glittery and she is having 15% off right now!  You just need to use code JULY15OFF at check out.

Last, if all that wasn’t enough, she has beautiful, original paintings featured on her other store called Cocoa and Hearts.  These paintings are all the rage right now (so much so that most, if not all, are sold out…but don’t give up, I am sure more will be available soon).  #love

So there you have it.  I have a little crush on MadeByGirl!

{All photos were taken from MadeByGirl website and Cocoa and Hearts website and are property of Jen Ramos}


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