Friday Round Up: A Weekend in the Hamptons

ann-ueno-hamptons-13When you have friends that have a house in The Hamptons (go ahead, click…I didn’t know exactly what “The Hamptons” were either…let’s keep that secret between us, okay?) and invite you to come for the weekend, what do you do?  Yeah, exactly.  You say yes and you start packing and you book your flight and you GO!

Rick and I are so grateful that our friends Suzanne and Neil invited us into their beautiful home in Southampton.  Southampton is historic, filled with lush landscapes, mom and pop shops that you want to spend hours in and food that will make your stomach smile for weeks.  We grilled out, slept in, went for runs, drank buttery Chardonnay on the patio in the midst of the moist summer air.  We explored The Hamptons by driving down long, winding roads with shrubs the size of mountains, oooing and aaahhhing over the mansions.  We relaxed at the  beach.  We ate the most delicious blueberry pie.  We talked, told stories, shared our lives.  It was a really, really nice weekend.  I would SO recommend finding friends that have a house there so you can get the invite.  Um, and if that doesn’t happen, put it on your travel bucket list, save up your cash and stay at a bed and breakfast.

Take a look at some of the no-filter beauty I captured on my oh-so dependable iPhone lens.







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