Friday Round Up: Denim

With Fall coming, I am incredibly excited about the change in attire that happens as the weather starts to cool off.  Finally I can pack away the shorts that I maybe wore 3 times this summer due to the amazing cottage cheese thighs God blessed me with.  And oh yeah, the bikini’s can be thrown in with the shorts.  Enough said on that one.  Last, all of my capri pants can be stored away.  Oh wait, just kidding.  I don’t own capri pants because, well, they are arguably the most unflattering piece of clothing for anyone who isn’t 5’10” and/or a J Crew model.  Or okay, fine.  They are just incredibly unflattering on me and I am secretly jealous at all the ladies who can pull them off.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand.  DENIM!  Fall is all about layers and naturally, throwing a denim jacket or shirt over a white ribbed tank pretty much sums up what I will be wearing for the next 6-8 weeks.  I actually packed that exact outfit for my trip to San Francisco this weekend.  All this said, here are a few of my favorite denim shirts and jackets that can easily be worn as is or layered with scarfs, tees and the like.  Have a great long weekend and here’s to the beginning of a new Fall season!


Source: Club Monaco

Ann-Ueno-Denim-4Source:  Not Available

Ann-Ueno-Denim-3Source: J Crew Ann-Ueno-Denim

Source:  Gap

Ann-Ueno-Denim-6Source:  Not Available

Ann-Ueno-Denim-2Source:  J Crew

Ann-Ueno-Denim-7Source:  Banana Republic


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