Friday Feature: My New Favorite Book + A Giveaway!

the-delicious-life-of-julia-child-2If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know how much I am obsessed with love Julia Child.  She has been an inspiration for years and in the past couple years after watching the movie Julie and Julia, reading My Life in France and just stalking Julia online, naturally, my love affair continues to grow.  I literally used her in a presentation a couple weeks ago – the lady started her career/published her first book at the age of 49!  She’s AWE-SOME on so many levels.

While I was in San Francisco this past weekend, I saw this children’s book at a boutique on Fillmore street and almost died.  Bon Appetit! The Delicious Life of Julia Child by Jessie Hartland.  I bought all the copies in the store (there were two) and the next store we went to was a men’s store so while Rick shopped, I sat down and read the book.  It’s fascinating and creative and inspiring.  And it also made me realize I want to read more children’s books in my life.  They are far less complicated, much more fun to read and just simple.  I think authors could learn a lot from children’s books.  I have since read it two more times and plan on reading it at least 100 more times in the coming months.

It’s a perfect gift for adults and children alike (per point above).  Or, if you are obsessed with Julia like I am, it’s a must-buy for your sweet self.  OR, today could be your lucky today!  Write in a comment telling me why you love Julia Child to win a copy of this delicious book!  And feel free to share this post with any Julia lovers in your life to help someone else win!  I will pick a winner by Monday.  Trust me, you want this book.

Bon Appetit and Good Luck!

the-delicious-life-of-julia-childPhoto Credits:  Jessie Hartland


10 responses

  1. I absolutely love Julia Child. What I think stands out the most about her, at least to me, is her independence as a woman, who has never let her obstacles get in her way, but rather sees them as challenges to overcome. She proves that at any age, women can be powerful and inspiring! She inspired me so much that I went all the way to Nice, France to take a cooking class in her former Provence kitchen! See 🙂

  2. Julia Child was a large, rather shapeless, woman, with a farmer’s wife face and a less-than-lyrical voice, but she loved what she did and she made us happy. What better legacy is there?
    Bon appetite! Indeed!

  3. Why? What’s not to love?! A woman who knew her own mind & continued to pursue excellence at an age when most of us would have given up. She has inspired millions and hopefully through her books millions more.
    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

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  5. I love watching Julia cook. She makes the audience feel like they could easily whip up a gourmet meal! She inspires people and gives them the confidence to achieve their goals.

  6. I love Julia for many reasons. I love her for her perseverance and hard work. She sucked the marrow out of life and was fully present every day. She was funny, she laughed at herself, she pranked others. She didn’t let fear of failure or mistakes paralyze her. I still love watching reruns of her shows. xo Julia!

  7. I am a long time Julia Childs fan! I am madly in love with Paris and all things French! To begin, I love Julia for never letting her circumstances hold her back…she had a zest and passion for life, culture, food and her loving & supportive husband. She re-defined herself in her 40’s as she wanted to do something she could enjoy with her life. Julia Childs has forever hanged the way we cook today and the way we experience food. She never gave up, never took no for an answer…was funny and fearless in the kitchen and knew it was OK to make mistakes and try again. She is a heroine and a wonderful example to myself and others. I LOVE that she has a children’s book – If we win your giveaway, I would read this to our daughter Isla and share with her our passion for cooking and how it brings our family together and dear friends …the conversations we share and time together. I love the example Julia can be to our daughter to always follow your dreams and believe the impossible and to NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! xx Vaneesha Pause

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