A New Venture: Saying Goodbye to Ann Written Notes.

House & Host Hey there!  So, you have probably noticed I have been MIA as of late.  Well, it’s not that I have been sitting around, eating bonbons wasting the days away.  I have been coming down the home stretch of my new venture, my new blog project, House & Host! And, you are the first to know so go on, check it out!

It’s been a work in progress in my head for over a year and tangibly for the last five months.  I found an amazing designer, Joy Laforme and she did an incredible job bringing my concept to life.  It’s been a super-duper creative outlet, a challenge and just so fun to see something from start to sort-of-finished (it’s never really finished, right?!).

So to that.  Goodbye Ann Written Notes.  The last 2+ years has been fun sharing my crazy stories, my love of all things beautiful, my travel adventures and a lot in between.  Thank you for being on this ride with me and I hope you will join me on this new, slightly modified, a bit more passionate, more colorful and a little more in my zone ride.

A couple of housekeeping notes:

  1. Will Ann Written Notes go away?  Sadly, yes.  But, after a few tears, I am actually excited because I think House & Host will be that much better, more creative and more storytelling.  After months of brainstorming and ideating and getting my creative juices flowing, God make it clear this was the right move.  And I’ve learned a ton along the way which I am SO thankful for!
  2. Will you need to subscribe to House & Host to receive the blog updates?  Yes!  You just need to go to the blog and scroll down slightly and on the right there is an email sign up box.  It takes 20 seconds.  Sign on up…first post goes live tomorrow!
  3. Have you enjoyed reading Ann Written Notes?  Have I made you laugh?  Cry?  Have I inspired you?  Well, I hope I have done something to make even the tiniest impact in your life.  And to that, I have a personal favor.  I would be SO grateful if you would share out House & Host to your friends and family!

Here’s to pursuing passion, closing chapters and opening new ones.  Here’s to creating, to trying, to learning, to growing.  Here’s to taking risks.  And to finding something you are passionate about and staying tremendously interested in it.  #livelikejulia


Color Trend: Blush

In the last couple weeks, I have noticed a color popping up more and more that I didn’t think I would love, but, I sort of do.  And by sort of, I mean a lot.  Blush.  Tints of peach.  Tints of pink.  Tints of ivory.  It’s feminine and romantic and soothing.  Here are some spaces done very well with this blush color trend.  So, do you love it or hate it or can’t decide?


ann-ueno-blush-color-2 ann-ueno-blush-color-3 ann-ueno-blush-color-4 ann-ueno-blush-color-5 ann-ueno-blush-color-6 ann-ueno-blush-color-7 ann-ueno-blush-color-8 ann-ueno-blush-color-9

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HGTV Home Pop-Up Showroom Opens Today in Chicago!

Yeah.  I’m lying in bed, enjoying a morning to sleep in this past Saturday and of course, was checking FB, Insta, Twitter, Gmail, work email and plotting out my day.  When what comes into my email?  An email from The Shops at North Bridge with a subject line that says “Shop the HGTV HOME Collection + Camper Shoes Opening Soon.”  I almost fell off my bed.  This is happening and I am so excited to go!  Here are the deets:

  • Opens today, Monday August 19 and runs through September 7
    Meg Caswell Meet & Greet – Saturday, Aug. 31, from 1–4 p.m.
    Alison Victoria Meet & Greet – Saturday, Sept. 7, from 1-4 p.m
  • Shops at North Bridge – 520 N. Michigan Avenue


Behind The Scenes of The Ueno Home Photo Shoot

Having recently gone through my first home photo shoot with Kristyna Archer, I can confidently say it was fun, challenging, exhausting, creative and rewarding.  On one hand, I am relieved it’s over.  On the other, I want to go back and savour the moments that were caught on camera.  Yes, I know.  For someone who doesn’t have an obsession a passion for interior design and photography, you may think I am nuts. And that’s totally fine.  But the mere fact that I was able to merge the design of my house with a professional photographer gave me a little slice of heaven.  And so, while I patiently wait for the images to be edited and perfected, I am here to share with you some of the behind the scenes I snapped with my iPhone.

The Flower Prep

The Staging

Kristyna Working Her Magic

The Mess That Nobody Talks About
(and this was a FRACTION of what the mess actually was throughout the day!)

The Portraits Slash Outtakes 

Friday Round Up: The Office

I came across a few of these chic offices this week and just loved and had to share.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

desk-2 office-2 office-3 offices


{Sources:  Image 1 La Dolce Vita Blog, Images 2-4 The Glitter Guide, Image 5 The Everygirl and Image 6 La Dolce Vita Blog)

My Home Tour Sneak Peak

Hey guys!  Hope you had a great weekend.  I am excited to report out that I have had a relaxing weekend involving NO home updates, rearranging furniture, cleaning, organizing or anything else related to home styling 🙂  Although, crazy interior design lovers like me know that the itch will probably come back in, well, like a day.  Or an hour.  Ha.  Anyways, my full home tour won’t be featured for a few weeks so I thought I would share out a few vignettes and why I love these shots.

The Bar.  I love this, well, because it’s a bar.  But more importantly I love the subtlety of my grandmother’s milk glass lamp.  My grandparents always knew how to throw a party so having this tough here warms my heart and makes me want to have martini’s for happy hour on a regular basis.


The Coffee Table.  I just love everything that is going on here.  The travel books.  The colors.  The wall gallery in the background.  The pillows reflecting off of the table.


The Bookshelf.  Domino Magazines + Design Book + Mercury Glass.  Enough said.


Me.  Um, this is awkward.  Okay, what I actually do love is Kristyna snapped this shot completely adhoc.   It wasn’t part of the plan and those are the pics that end up always being the best ones.  I think the experts call this photojournalism.ann-ueno

The Vanity.  I mean, I just love the flirty girly combo action we have going on here.  Chanel lipstick (every woman must have).  Signature perfume.  Mine happens to be Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee.  I’ve worn this every single day for about 7 years thanks to my dear friend Aslihan.  MAC makeup brushes.  Statement pieces of jewelry.  Ahh, I just love it!


My Husband is Part of the Asian Mafia

Or so it looks.

This past weekend I had the unbelievable pleasure of working with the talented and creative Chicago photographer, Kristyna Archer, of Kristyna Archer Photography.  I hired her to shoot my house for some upcoming projects, and also asked her to shoot a few portraits as well. I begged Rick to do this and after days of apprehension, he agreed.  (Most likely because I told him to wear his rockin’ new Ted Baker vest, new specs and gave him free rein to light and smoke a cigar in the house.  And he insisted on a Blackhawks buckle which didn’t exactly match the Gatsby-esque theme but, hey, whatever it takes.)

I will share some behind the scenes of the photo shoot later this week but for now, I will leave you with this incredible shot Kristyna captured.  This obviously will be used for Rick’s initiation into the Asian Mafia.  I am sure they will love the Parisian wall gallery combined with some Caitlin Wilson chairs.  He’s for sure going to get in.

ann-ueno-asian-mafia{Photo Credit:  Kristyna Archer Photography}

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