Note to Self: Remember…

This weekend was relatively calm.  Dinner party with close friends Friday night.  Time with family on Saturday.  Down time on Sunday.  I struggle with just doing nothing so this quote helped me tonight.  I have decided to kick back, enjoy a glass of wine and have a little calm life on this lovely Sunday evening.  I hope you had a great weekend and here’s to a calm, productive week ahead!

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calm-lifeSource:  Kelsey Davis Design via Etsy


Five Paperies I love

I am a sucker for all things paper.  I mean, after all, my blog was named after the art of writing a letter.  I love girly, monogrammed, simple and elaborate.  Gold foil, floral, striped or polka dots.  You name it, I probably bought it and probably have way too much of it.  So, I am here to share with you five paperies I LOVE.  It’s always a good reminder for us all to send a hand-written note, delivered USPS with a stamp and all.  To say thank you, say I love you or just to say hello. Snail mail is my fave and written on these cards would just be the icing on the cake!  Enjoy!


Haute Papierann-ueno-kate-spade

Kate Spadeann-ueno-lindsay-letters

Lindsay Lettersann-ueno-rifle-paper-co

Rifle Paper Co

ann-ueno-sugar-paperSugar Paper

Note to Self: Just Do It

This past weekend got me thinking about goals.  And this bible verse couldn’t be more spot on as it relates to moving your goals to action.  Happy Monday and here’s to moving one step at a time!  #justdoit


{Motivational Monday} Words of Wisdom

There’s a great blog I follow called Sadie & Dasie and every week or two, she posts fantastic words of wisdom that always inspires me. And I figured, why not do the same for my readers?  I hope you all have a good week and perhaps one of these quotes will inspire you 🙂  Happy Monday!






Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I love a hand-written note.  Well, to be honest, I actually love any kind of note whether it be an email, a card or a text message to say hello, thank you or I love you.  Hence “Ann Written Notes” as the name of this bloggy blog.  Anyways, this past week, Rick and I received a few great thank you notes that I wanted to share.

Being in the hotel business, Rick and I want to make sure that our friends and family have great hotel stays and overall, a memorable and inviting experience while in Chicago.  And it’s a perfect tag team:  Rick knows how to take are of people at his hotel (I guess being in the business for 30 years has taught him a few things).  And I know how to take care of people in our home (ahem, we have an extra bedroom and I love having dinner parties and serving Moscow mules…come on over!).   Getting notes like the below is exactly why we love doing what we do.  God didn’t make a mistake when he brought us together…we LOVE the hospitality business!  And we love making people happy 🙂

And to that, I wanted to offer you a little challenge for this weekend:  Write someone you love a card.  Write a note to your boss to say thank you.  Write a note to an old friend just to say hi.  I promise they will love it and you will bring a smile to their face 🙂


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