DIY: How to create monogram letters

Generally speaking, I am not a DIY type of gal.  Some days I envy the Martha Stewart women of the world and some days I get overwhelmed by them and am relieved I don’t know how to create a bookshelf from recycled cardboard boxes.  But when I walk into Paper Source, I find my inner Martha dying to come out and my imagination having a huge party, cheering me on.  And on a lovely Saturday afternoon in Chicago, my IMS (inner Martha Stewart) was alive and awakened as I walked into Paper Source. Subsequently, I decided right then and there I would create my own monogram letters for my dining room gallery wall I was working on (post to come on that).  The project is easy, but requires patience and does take a bit of time.  The outcome is chic, colorful, inexpensive and personal…exactly what I was going for.

What you will need:

  1. Mod Podge
  2. A Poly Brush
  3. Your choice of craft letters (you could do monogram, spell words, whatever your little heart desires).  I did R, &, A and U for our initials.
  4. Paper!  The fun part.  You can see below what I picked but depending on how many letters you are doing and how many different shades of paper you want to incorporate, you really only need a few sheets max.

Step 1:  Pick your paper.

Step 2:  Pick your letter(s).

Step 3: Trace  and cut the letters (I used a pencil and handy dandy scissors).  Note you need to trace the letter both frontward and backward to cover the whole letter.

Step 4:  Using your Mod Podge and Brush, glue the paper onto the letters.

Step 5:  Enjoy!



Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens: My Attempt at Winning Aunt of the Year.

IMG_1369There are things that I write about that I can say with confdience I know what I am talking about.  Travel.  Food slash eating.  The hotel business.  Awesome interiors.  And so on.  Having a birthday party for a little girl, in this case, my niece Hannah, wasn’t one of those things.  Until now.  I brainstormed with my sister and we ended up with having Hannah’s birthday party at my house.  So fun!

As I don’t have young children, I sort of forgot there should be a bit more to the party than just ordering pizzas.  You know, um, like decorations.  Cake.  Maybe some tween flare.  So the tween birthday party challenge was on and I was going to attempt getting the aunt of the year award and make it special for not only Hannah, the cutest tween ever, but everyone who attended.  See the play-by-play below (I’m watching football right now, hence the use of that weird sporty language).

Set the theme.  We decided on a mani/pedi party which seemed fitting for not only the tweens, but the adults, too.  Oh and don’t forget to rock some awesome bright colors!



Spruce up your space with some girly, but not cheesy, decor.  I raided Paper Source and walked away happy, despite their ridiculously over-priced everything.  It’s so cute and chic it’s worth it.  Ugh, I’m such a sucker.  I bought a pinwheels kit and a happy birthday banner kit which made me feel like a DIYer, even though I’m not really a DIYer.  Paper Source is smart like that…they can make even gals like me feel like Martha Stewart.










I’m not sure about you, but when I was a tween I was obssessed with arts and crafts. So naturally, I had to have an activity.  I bought craft letters and a bunch of stickers and paper and tissue for the girls to decorate the crap out of them.



{We have some serious crafting going on here}




Having a girly mocktail was also a must.  Thanks to my friend Vaneesha for loaning me these cute mason jars and straws.  What tween doesn’t like a pink lemonade spritzer?!




It’s always good to have door prizes so I whipped together these cards (same color scheme as Paper Source kits) for everyone to add a personal touch to the giveaway.





Speaking of personal, it’s always good to give the birthday girl some extra love via the art of personalization.  I used my chalkboard easel and slapped on her recent school picture.  Done and done.  Easy breezy.


And last, but not least, the sweets.  Cakes are a little circa 2008 so of course, I defaulted to cupcakes.  In the continued battle of having the best cupcake here in Chicago, Sweet Mandy B’s is for sure a front runner.  Not only are they beautiful, but the flavors are creative and the taste is DEE-LISH.  Yes, please.



{I hope all your birthday wishes come true, Hannah!}


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