The Fall Sweater I Will Be Living In

Perfect for work.  Perfect for hosting a cocktail party around the fireplace.  Perfect for church and brunch, paired with a light scarf.  Perfect for running errands in the city.  Dress it up or down.  I am entirely convinced I will wear this sweater 2-3 times per week (ssshh, don’t tell anyone).  The J Crew leather front merino cardigan. 

I have been eying it for a few weeks and couldn’t justify the expense.  When I go back to something more than 3 times, it’s my sign that I do actually want it and it’s not a spontaneous buy.  I have tried this sweater on so many times and every time I have loved it more than the time before (FYI I am usually a size medium and in this sweater, I am a small).  It comes in black and navy and of course, I want both but, can’t afford both so per usual, black wins.  I am saving my dollars and hopefully I will get lucky and there will be sale soon so I can snag this up.  And I think you should, too 🙂



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